Manipur is committed to achieve industrial growth while also protecting the environment. Its private sector is adopting modern processing techniques for clean and resource-efficient production. IndiastatManipur gives in detail about Air Pollution, Environmental Standards, River Action Plans, Solid Waste and Water Pollution.

Environment and Pollution - Manipur [Hide]
Air Pollution - Manipur Air Pollution - Manipur: Air Pollution due to Vehicles - Manipur Ambient Air Quality/Annual mean and Average Concentration - Manipur Miscellaneous Facts about Air Pollution - Manipur
Environmental Standards - ManipurEnvironmental Standards - Manipur
Noise Pollution - ManipurNoise Pollution - Manipur
Polluting Industries - ManipurPolluting Industries - Manipur
River Action Plans - Manipur River Action Plans - Manipur: Ganga Action Plan (GAP) - Manipur Hydrological Observation by Sites/River Basins - Manipur Namami Gange Programme (NGP) - Manipur National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP) - Manipur National River Conservation Plan (NRCP) - Manipur Others - Manipur River Valley Projets and Flood Prone River (RVP and FPR) Programme - Manipur Water Flow by Sites/River Basins - Manipur
Solid Waste - ManipurSolid Waste - Manipur
Water Pollution - Manipur Water Pollution - Manipur: Miscellaneous Facts about Water Pollution - Manipur National Water Quality Monitoring Programme (NWQMP) - Manipur National Water Quality Monitoring Programme (NWQMP) - Manipur: Financial Performance under National Water Quality Monitoring Programme (NWQMP) - Manipur Ground Water Quality Status - Manipur Others - Manipur Water Quality Monitoring Stations - Manipur Water Quality Status of Drains, Creeks and Canals - Manipur Water Quality Status of Lakes, Ponds and Tanks - Manipur Water Quality Status of Medium and Minor Rivers - Manipur Water Quality Status of Rivers - Manipur Water Quality Status of Tributaries Streams - Manipur Wastewater Generation and Treatment - Manipur Water Quality Testing Laboratories (WQTLs) - Manipur

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